About AdapterKart

AdapterKart.com was started in early 2022 as a D2C e-commerce platform especially built as a marketplace for all kinds of "Power Adapters".

There is a huge gap in the market for such product's easy availability and people just lose hope and give up on their expensive devices just due to non availability and hence it let to the development of this D2C e-commerce platform.

We offer a wide range of Power Adapters for all devices that use an external power supply. We also customise as per your requirements and get it available under your brand. Adapterkart.com offers very simple user interface and descriptive illustrations that make it easy to pick and buy the right adapter for your device.

For the Power Adapter not listed on the website, you can just leave us a whatsapp message or send a email on our registered email id (contact us section) and we will make it available for you.

We aim to focus on this category and reach out to every consumer as today every single person is surrounded by gadgets and electronic devices that use power adapter.